Student Employment

Federal Work-Study is an employment program for both undergraduate and graduate students. Eligibility is based on the federal methodology using the information provided on the FAFSA. The amount of your award is the maximum you can earn for the academic year. Eligibility and award amounts are determined by the Office of Student Financial Planning.

Student employment opportunities are posted on a bulletin board outside of the Financial Planning office in the Davis Administration Building.  You may check with Financial Planning to determine if you are eligible for a Work Study Position.  Students have the opportunity to contact the employer and set up an appointment to talk over the job requirements.  Placement in a position allows you to begin receiving income to help pay your expenses. You should not expect to receive a paycheck until all of your financial aid and personnel documents are completely processed -- typically three-four weeks after the start of the school year. The average new Federal Work-Study employee earns $2,000 to $2,500 during the academic year. Once hired, you may pick up an employment documents packet in the Office of Student Financial Planning.  Work-Study earnings will not appear as a credit on your bill; student employees are paid twice a month, depending on number of hours worked.  Time sheets are turned in at the Office of Student Financial Planning and paychecks may be picked up in the Office of the Bursar.  Click here to see the schedule of payments for this year

Other Employment Opportunities

If you are not awarded Federal Work-Study but wish to earn money to help pay expenses, you may be still be eligible for some jobs on campus. Wage rates, hours, and conditions of employment are between the student and the employer.

Important Note: In adherence to the Immigration Control Act of 1986, all student employees must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) and present documentation verifying citizenship or permanent residency. You will not be allowed to begin work until the I-9 form has been completed and properly certified. The required documents include either a valid US Passport, certificate of US citizenship, alien registration card with photograph OR two of the following documents: a state driver's license, validated student ID card, original social security card, birth certificate.

Click here to download the I-9 form in Adobe PDF format.