SAP Appeal Form


Submit this form to the Office of Student Financial Planing to request an exception to the University's policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress. Your appeal request should include an explanation of the special circumstances which caused you, the student, to fail the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards set forth in the policy. You should also include an explanation of the steps you are taking to regain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards your degree completion.

Incomplete appeal requests, and/or appeals submitted without supporting documentation, will not be considered. Appeals must be submitted before completing more than 60% of the semester (before the withdrawal deadline published by the Registrar's office) to ensure adequate time to prepare for any impact to the student account. Failure to submit your complete appeal by this date may result in your probationary term being postponed to a future semester.

Please list your first and last name
Based on credit hours achieved.

A student may petition to have financial aid reinstated due to extenuating circumstances. Check the circumstance(s) above that explain the foundation for your request.

Please include the detailed reason for your appeal in the text box above. You may also choose to write a separate letter and forward it to your Financial Aid Advisor in the Office of Student Financial Planning as supporting documentation for your appeal. You must provide a detailed account of the special circumstances which caused your to fail the SAP standards in the previous semester(s), as well as a discussion of what changes you have made to improve the circumstances and ensure future academic success.

Supporting documentation must be received by the Office of Student Financial Planning BEFORE your appeal will be reviewed by the committee.

By checking this box, I certify that the information provided on this form and any supporting documents submitted are complete and accurate. I also authorize the Office of Student Financial Planning to verify any submitted information. I understand that if my appeal is approved, I will need to sign a planning agreement to receive financial aid.


STEP TWO: Academic Plan - To be completed by the Academic Advisor

Student: Before a decision can be made concerning your Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal, you and your academic advisor must complete the academic plan together. If your appeal is approved, you will be expected to meet the enrollment goals set for each semester. Please download the form here and return the completed form to the Office of Student Financial Planning with your other supporting documentation.

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