Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is the cornerstone of establishing a student's financial need. The COA is used to set limits on the total aid that a student may receive. The total COA is an estimate of the student's educational expenses for the period of enrollment. These expenses include direct university charges (tuition and facility fees and on-campus room and board) and estimates of in-direct expenses (books and supplies, transportation, miscellaneous expenses, loan fees, and off-campus room and board if the student lives off-campus).

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Atlanta Undergraduate 2017-18

Macon Undergraduate 2017-18

Macon Graduate 2017-18

Regional Academic Centers Undergraduate 2017-18

Regional Academic Centers Graduate 2017-18


Atlanta Undergraduate 2016-17

Macon Undergraduate 2016-17

Nursing Undergraduate 2016-17

Regional Academic Centers Undergraduate 2016-17