Mercer Need-Based Scholarships

University Partners Scholarship

The University Partners Scholarship is awarded to eligible students based on financial need and is renewable for a maximum of eight semesters. Students must complete the FAFSA each year to determine eligibility for need-based funds. There is not a separate application for the University Partners Scholarship. Students are evaluated for scholarship eligibility during the awarding process.

Each year, the Office of Student Financial Planning seeks to replace the Partners Scholarship with an endowed, named scholarship based on student eligibility matches with donor agreements. Replacement of the Partners Scholarship with an endowed scholarship does not increase a student’s total award package. If an endowment match is unavailable, the student will continue to receive the Partners Scholarship.

50 Year Reunion Alum Jolley Scholarship
A&M Cardwell Scholarship Joseph & Allie Jolley Scholarship
A.W. Jackson Scholarship Juan Cruz-Rosario Scholarship
Ab Justus Memorial Scholarship Julius Ovensy, Jr Expendable Scholarship
Al & Peggy Williams Scholarship Katherine C. Ware Scholarship
Ann L. Stewart Scholarship Knight Scholarship
Awtrey Scholarship L.P. Maynard Scholarship
Baptist Scholars Scholarship Lanier, Leonora J. Scholarship
Barbara Burkett Sandifer Endowed Music Scholarship Latorre Family Scholarship
Barbara Dean Church Scholarship Lauro L Garner Cybersecurity Scholarship
Barlow Scholarship Laverne & Margie Kellum Scholarship
Belva Jean Howell Scott Scholarship Leann Wimpey Hulsey Scholarship
Ben Hill Jones Scholarship Linda Fleming White Tift Scholarship
Berry Scholarship Lois B. Lantz Scholarship for Tift Scholarship
Bessie Fisher – Education Scholarship Louise B. Matthews Endowed Scholarship
Betty Hamil Memorial Scholarship Louise R. Holland Scholarship
Bill & Kathy Pou Expendable Scholarship Lucille A. Pollard Endowed Scholarship
Billington Sanders Scholarship M. Everett Memorial Fund
Bivins Scholarship M. Glenn Scholarship
Blackwell Scholarship Margaret Doyle Carter Memorial Scholarship
Bobbie Bobo Hennecy Scholarship Marth Jean Colquitt Memorial Scholarship
Bryan Scholarship Martha K Zebrowski Scholarship
Byron Smith Scholarship Martin-Melton Scholarship
Cardwell Waycross Expendable Scholarship Mary & Carl Cranford Scholarship
Carlos Flick Scholarship Mary Arnold Binns Endowed Scholarship
Carol Holcomb Scholarship Mary Lou Brown Sauls Endowed Scholarship
Cathy Callaway Adams Music Scholarship Mary P. Bell Scholarship
Charles B & Debbie Gaulding Scholarship Maughon Fund
Charles H. Andrews Scholarship Fund McManus Scholarship
Chris & Eleanor Sheridan Scholarship Melvin I. Kruger Endowed Scholarship
Class of ’31 Scholarship Miami FL Transfer Scholarship
Class of ’60 Scholarship Michael D. Osterhout Scholarship Fund
Clyde McCrea Scholarship Mildred C. McMahan Scholarship
Cousins Scholarship Miriam Holland Scholarship
Craig & Runi Foster Endowed Scholarship Moses Gordon Scholarship
Crouse Scholarship Ms. and William Johnson Scholarship
Cutts Smith Scholarship Myrtle Raines Scholarship
Deforest A Ratliff Scholarship Nathan & Sandra Deal Leadership Scholars
Derseweh-Willingham Endowed Scholarship Nedra Anagyros Scholarship
Dodd Scholarship Nell Tidwell Rollins Scholarship
Donald & Myra Folsom Scholarship Nell Ward Scholarship
Donaldson Scholarship O. Gene Gabbard Scholarship
Doris & Frances Beckley Scholarship Parents Scholarship
Dorothy Hardman Scholarship Patillo Scholarship
Dorothy Thomas Kellett Endowed Scholar Patricia Honeycutt Scholarship in Music
Douglas & Patricia Pullen Scholarship Pearl Garrett Baker Scholarship
Dowell Scholarship Perryman Scholarship
Dr. B. Carroll Carter Scholarship RAC Baldwin Scholarship
Dr. Charles D & Mrs. Patricia E Williams Ralph and Nancy Voris Scholarship
Dr. Shah Family Scholarship RF&KS Bryan Expendable Scholarship
Dunwoody Scholarship Richard and Annette Chappell Scholarship
Dwight A. Honeycutt Endowed Scholarship Robert & Doris Steed Scholarship
Eagle Scout Scholarship Robert F. Hatcher Leadership Scholarship
Edmonds Scholarship Robert H. Cass Scholarship
Edward & Fannie Taylor Scholarship Robert L. Gunnels Scholarship
Ellen M. Hudson Organ Scholarship Robert L. Richardson Endowed Scholarship
Elmo L. Droughon Scholarship Robert Mann Gamble Scholarship
Em Day Scholarship Roddenberry Fund
Ernie & Carmen Ortiz Hispanic Scholarship Rufus C. Harris Scholarship
Ettie Ivey Usey Scholarship Sara Bittick Scholarship
Eugene W. Stone Scholarship Sarah Brown Withers Music Scholarship
Eugenia and Milton Butler Scholarship Saunders Scholarship
Eugenia and Roy Smith Scholarship Sewell Fund
Evelyn York Joiner Scholarship Shannon Mays Scholarship
Evelyn B Kennedy Scholarship Stetson Scholarship
Flo & Mack Lipsey Scholarship Stripling & Ruff Memorial Fund
Frank Byington Expendable Scholarship Stripling Worsham Scholarship
Fred Miles Family Endowed Scholarship Tadd B Hancock Memorial Scholarship
G Darrell Fennell Scholarship Thomas E. Watson Fund
G&G Meeks Scholarship Thomas S. Plunkett Memorial Scholarship
G.W. and Mary Goss Scholarship Thomas Scholarship
Galt Scholarship Thomas W Bennett Scholarship
Gay Scholarship Tift CB Day Scholarship
General Scholarship Tift Chiles Scholarship
George William Lee Scholarship Tift College Scholarship
Glover/Abney Scholarship Tift D. Jordan Scholarship
Gragg Scholarship Tift Dowdy Scholarship
Gunn-Murray Memorial Scholarship Tift E.R. Elrod Scholarship
Hal & Geneva Johnson Scholarship Tift Eliz Stacey Scholarship
Hamrick Endowed Scholarship Tift Ellington Scholarship
Harold & Evelyn Sangster Scholarship Tift Fisher Scholarship
Harry M Schwartz Scholarship Tift Futral Shakespeare Scholarship
Heard Scholarship Tift Gardner-Madden Scholarship
Henry E. Harris Fund Tift General Scholarship
Henry Sauls Endowed Scholarship in Voice Tift H&J Williams Scholarship
Holsenbeck Memorial Scholarship Tift Holladay Scholarship
Hugh Lawson III Scholarship Tift Horn Scholarship
Ira & Lucile F. Hollimon Scholarship Tift Jane Cheatham Scholarship
Irma & Marvin Coddon Scholarship Tift L Collins Scholarship
Isa B. Neel Scholarship Tift Lawton Cater Scholarship
Iw Bowen&Nell T Scholarship Tift Mae D Burrell Scholarship
J&H Gilbert Scholarship Tift Reid-Hollingsworth Scholarship
J. Gilbert Scholarship Tift Rev. OS Sims Scholarship
J.D. Williams Scholarship Tift RL and ZK Williams Scholarship
J.J. Walker Scholarship Tift Scarborough Scholarship
J.L. & A. Gardner Scholarship Tift Shaw Mem Scholarship
J.P. McGraw Scholarship Tift Vinzant Unrestricted Scholarship
Jackie and Greg Barr Endowed Scholarship Tift Wardlow Scholarship
Jackson Scholarship TJ & Mary Lawler Scholarship
Jackson Williams Tarver Scholarship Turner Scholarship
James & Pauline Miles Scholarship U.S. Lancaster Fund
James and Mary Neil Lester Scholarship Vaughn, Mary L. Scholarship
James D. Orr Expendable Scholarship Voyles Endowed Scholarship
James E. Morton Scholarship W. Leroy Lawson Scholarship
James Gray Scholarship W.F. & Estelle Stone Scholarship
Jennie Pearl Austin Traylor Scholarship W.G. Lee Music Scholarship
Jennifer Sams Memorial Scholarship W.T. Wasden Memorial Scholarship
Jimmie Wren Scholarship Walter & Miriam Moore Scholarship
Joan Godsey Endowed Scholarship Warner & Pearl Traylor Raines Scholar
Joe Frank & Ada Barton Scholarship Warren and Carol Power Scholarship
Joe Hendricks Minority Scholarship Wh & S Malone Scholarship
Joel J. Cordell Scholarship Whitworth, Frances Scholarship
John & Ernestine Lewis Scholarship William B. Hardman Scholarship
John & Ruth Harrison Scholarship William D. Clark III Scholarship
John Marson Dunaway Scholarship William Lowndes Pickard Scholarship
John Y Smith Scholarship YKK Scholarship
Johns Creek Baptist Church Scholarship Yoshida Scholarship