Residential Undergraduate

2024 — 2025 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance (COA) is the estimated cost to attend college for one academic year. The U.S. Department of Education requires all colleges and universities to provide a COA that includes both estimated direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs are charges billed by the institution and indirect costs are other costs students may incur during their period of enrollment.

The COA for residential undergraduate students is based on full-time enrollment in fall (12 credits) and spring (12 credits) and a 9-month period of enrollment.

Estimated Direct Costs Total Fall & Spring
Tuition* $42,012
Facility & Technology Fee $300
Housing** $7,412
Food** $7,744
Total Estimated Annual Direct Costs $57,468


Miscellaneous fees possible:

  • Lab Fee: $100–$300
  • Internship: $100–$375
  • Practicum: $75–$250
  • Fieldwork: $75–$155
  • Private Music Instruction: $250–$535

*Mercer University’s Board of Trustees sets the annual tuition rate which typically increases 2–3% each academic year.

**For students living off campus, housing and food expenses become indirect costs and will not be reflected in their billing statement.

Dependent students living at home with parents will have an estimated indirect cost for housing of $3,150 and an estimated indirect cost for food of $4,653 for the 9-month academic year.

Estimated Indirect Costs Total Fall & Spring
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment $1,200
Transportation/Travel $1,197
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $1,602
Average Federal Loan Fees $67
Total Estimated Annual Indirect Costs $4,066


Total Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance



Estimated Optional Direct Costs

Students have the option to pay for some of their college expenses directly to Mercer through two auto-enroll programs. If you choose to opt out of these programs, these expenses will not be included in your billing statement.

  • Bear Book Bundle: Students who opt-in to the Bear Book Bundle will have a direct cost of $390/semester (for full-time enrollment) added to their billing statement. This direct cost does not add an additional cost for books and supplies to the total COA, but instead reduces the remaining indirect cost allowance by $810.
  • Student Health Insurance: Students who do not have documented private health insurance will have an additional direct cost of $1,246/semester (the rate is based on the age of the student) added to their billing statement. This direct cost may be added to the total estimated annual cost of attendance for those students who do not complete the health insurance waiver.


2023-2024 Residential Undergraduate COA